Dear and Beloved Friends and Supporters,

Greetings from The Methodist Church of Haiti, I am sending up a cry from the heart to our historical donors who have so generously contributed to the Hot Lunch Program in the past to thank you and let you know that: The Methodist Church of Haiti’s mission of feeding children is impossible without you!

If we are going to be able to feed the children in our Methodist schools at even a minimal level beginning in September 2016, we must have significant contributions over the next three months! Haiti faces many great challenges today. With a population of 11 million people and a 65% rate of unemployment, we are carrying a big burden. 45% of the population is illiterate. Haiti not only has been devastated by natural disasters such as hurricanes and the historic earthquake of 2010 but also by human-made catastrophes like the cholera pandemic and too often human mismanagement!

Even as I write, Haiti is managing with an interim government after last year’s elections have been rejected. Still, we must find ways to continue to educate and feed the children in our schools. The operation of a “school canteen” – where food is prepared and served – school attendance, academic results and the overall school enrollment are closely related. Imagine: Take a moment to visualize a child who is asked to learn well in school, but who goes to school without having eaten anything and who must then spend 5-6 hours at a school desk without a single meal! Can you picture such a reality?

Experience teaches us that children cannot learn properly when they are hungry. In the 21st century this is the situation for many Haitian students living no farther than 90 minutes from Florida’s coast! Mrs. Carole Saint-Fort, Principal of La Saline Methodist School, witnesses to the importance of the HLP: “The canteen plays an important role in the life of the students. Thanks to this program, they learn better, stay longer at school. La Saline is a very poor neighborhood and the students come to school with empty stomachs. It’s always good news for them when there is canteen. They pay attention better to their teachers when there is canteen.”

Hot Lunch Funds are Urgently Needed. In order to continue to operate at this current minimal level [of providing 3 hot meals per week to over 15,000 schoolchildren] we need your renewed and even greater support!

In Christ’s Service
Edzaire Paul

[this is an excerpt from a letter written by
the Director of the Methodist Church of
Haiti’s General Education Office