By Shirley Cook

Some years ago I took on the philosophy “You can’t outgive God” as a standard for my life. As I studied the Bible and read from Malachi where it stated the importance of tithing 10% of your financial resources, it dawned on me that perhaps that 10% included my time and talents also. So it was as I started my day I sought to give at least 10% of those things. What a blessing that has been.

In giving of my time and talents God has blessed me with a lot of friends worldwide and I have learned the great things the United Methodist Church is doing across in the field of missions. From spending time with a Native American tribe in Wisconsin, to work with the indigent in Los Angeles, to workers in Texas and New Mexico, those efforts by the church are remarkable.

Locally, I found myself in inner city Detroit, the copper mines in the Upper Peninsula, and campus ministries throughout the state. As our stewardship drive begins I think, yes, give 10% or more of my financial resources but reflect on what God called me to do with my time and talents. He has blessed me beyond full measure and over.

My conclusion on “You can’t out give God” – No probably not but I’ll keep trying to.