When United Methodists first stepped out in the battle against malaria, their banner cry was, “Nothing But Nets!” Indeed. To date nearly 2.5 million bed nets have been distributed. But before the nets were hung in homes across sub-Saharan Africa and after families began to sleep under those very nets, so much more was being done … on communication, education, and health facilities. This comprehensive approach to fighting this killer disease has empowered the people of Africa to improve health infrastructure and achieve a sustainable victory over malaria.

United Methodists across the state of Michigan are now celebrating the Michigan Area UMC’s successful effort to raise $1,542,269 representing 154,227 lives saved. Those numbers will increase as churches continue to remit their final contributions between now and Annual Conference.

Don’t let your attention to malaria end. The fight to rid the world of malaria takes dollars but it also takes awareness of present gains and support of future possibilities, such as a vaccine or innovative methods of insect-control.

United Methodists across the world are working hard to reach and celebrate the initiative’s $75 million goal before the denomination’s General Conference in 2016. Praise God!
Reprint of portions of an article by Kay DeMoss, Senior Editor-Writer, MIConnect