“This is a day of new beginnings, time to remember and move on, time to believe what love is bringing, laying to rest the pain that’s gone. Then let us, with the Spirit’s daring, step from the past and leave behind our disappointment, guilt, and grieving, seeking new paths, and sure to find.”

(Brian Wren, 1978)

Dear Friends,

January 1st marks the beginning of the New Year and a time to think about new beginnings. Because of God’s abundant love and grace, we can forgive ourselves of past mistakes and step forward to a “new beginning.” God always loves and forgives us, and we can always start again with God, each and every day.

Around the New Year I take time to look back over the past year and set some personal goals and church goals for 2020. My life and our church life in the past year has had its high and low points. We give thanks to God for the blessings and challenges too. My goal for the church focuses on healthy and open communications and a committed Christian life as the Body of Christ, within our church community.

This winter our church leaders and members are meeting together to look at our past church history, our present ministries and state of our church, and then discuss and discern and pray about our church’s vision and goals and changes for the present and the future. We are beginning a “Healthy Congregations” on Sunday, February 16th & 23rd, the third and fourth Sunday of the month (from 12pm – 6pm | lunch provided | Cost for workbook $25 – you can share). RSVP to myself or the church office by February 2. There will be a third session Healthy Congregations: Neutralizing History on Sunday, March 15 (from 12pm – 4pm)

Happy New Year and blessings on your Christian life goals.


Pastor Jennifer